Pure Crystal Love Plug - Little Lusty

Pure Crystal Love Plug

Experience sensational stimulation with the Pure Crystal Plug!

  • A trio of metal anal plugs, featuring heart-shaped crystal bases
  • Available in multicolor: Sky Blue, Light Pink, Lavender, Red, Rose, Transparent, and Black
  • Includes 3 sizes 
  • Made of body-safe stainless steel
  • Easy to clean 
  • Waterproof 

This shiny and heavy toy has a beautifully designed base with an elegant jewel of your choice. Crafted with shiny, heavy stainless steel which makes them anal safe and easy to clean. 

This set includes three sizes of plugs - small medium and large. It will satisfy everyone, both anal play beginners and advanced users. Just slather the plug with some water-based lube and get it started.