Sexy Scarlett's F-ck Me Booty Stroker - Little Lusty

Sexy Scarlett's F-ck Me Booty Stroker



    Spank & Tap Scarlett's Amazing Bubble Butt! 

    • Sex on demand
    • Made from ultra-realistic Fanta Flesh for the most lifelike experience possible
    • Easy cleanup! Just soap and warm water
    • The perfect way to get stronger erections
    • Compatible with water-based and silicone-based sex lubes.
    • Big and hefty design for long-lasting enjoyment

    Get your hands on (and other parts) on Scarlett's jaw-dropping booty with one of the most lifelike masturbators ever sold! This masturbator captures every detail of an award-winning rear. Feel the incredible, ultra-soft and large cheeks, which make a realistic "thwacking" sound with every stroke.

    Just choose from two entries for more fun and unlimited sexual pleasure. These two love tunnels are totally separated and created to suck you in. The Scarlett's booty is really big, so you can use her cheeks like a masturbator, squeezing them together. But there are even more options: her lifelike vagina, or the tight backdoor.  The Sexy Scarlett's F-ck me Booty Stroker is also great to use for stamina training, it will help you to last longer in bed.