Obey Me Lace Handcuff and Blindfold Set - Little Lusty

Obey Me Lace Handcuff and Blindfold Set

An absolute must-have set for the first time bondage experience!

  • Lace Handcuff and Blindfold Set, perfect for bondage newbies
  • Premium silky lace material
  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with other bondage accessories
  • Lightweight – great for travel
  • Adds sensory excitement to play

Thinking to add something kinky to your bedroom games? This Obey Me Lace Handcuff and Blindfold Set is perfect for the beginners and oh-so-easy to use. With light lace handcuffs and silky eye mask, it’s an ideal way to add a bit of restraint play in your sexual life.

Combine the cuffs and blindfold set and experience a truly wild night, full of new exciting sensations. The attention to detail and exquisite design ensure that your first-time bondage experience will be safe and tender, but without compromising on sensuality. You can easily combine this set with other bondage accessories when you’ll be ready to experiment further.